Monday, February 10, 2020

Educational Linguistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Educational Linguistics - Essay Example The Spartans of Greeks uses the education for military and discipline purposes to make every citizen invincible in war and to develop conformity and obedience. They have physical and military education, moral training, very little intellectual trainings, music, gymnastic and vocational education. All financing was shouldered by the State. The most that we can emulate from the Spartans is the military education and the development of patriotism and discipline. The Athenians are the greatest lawmakers of all time. They use education for creating good citizens, individual excellences and many-sided development. There is civic and moral trainings, physical and intellectual education and arts. This early Athenians have contributed the free development of all human capacities and the Olympic Games. The Later Athenians came by the Sophist, pragmatic and utilitarian, also by Socrates, as education is used for the development of the power of thinking, by Plato, to control by intellectual rulers and by Aristotle, as education is used for rational living. They have moral and professional, vocational, domestic and intellectual trainings, physical, military and civic trainings, aesthetic and cultural education, sports and games. We learned from them, the Socratic method of teaching, the realm of philosophy of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and others. Also the Euclidean geometry and the arts and classical literature. The Romans are also part of the stem of education. Education was for practical purposes, in which it is use to produce men who would be active and efficient in daily life. Also in moral, military, civic and political and religious also for oratorical or in public speaking. They need speech trainings literacy and vocational education. The outstanding contribution of them is the methods of organization, management and administrations. The Early Christians also used education during their times like in learning their relationship with God. Also for their salvation and social relations which are based on love. They use the lecture method in teaching, dialectic or the question and answer method) Aphorism, parable method and figures of speech. They contributed to humanity is the Christianity . The education we have now is the product of the long processes and progressions that happened on the past time. The traditional Education's foundation, that starts from the primitive people, in which the education aims to survival and security from the natural phenomena and from the wild animals and the believed evil spirits, hunger and from other tribes. There is no classrooms intended for studies, their agencies of education is the home and their environment. There is no organization of grades also. All instruction was than informally, enculturation. They learn from observation and imitation, from simple telling and demonstration and also from participation.

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